Under the patronage of the Dean of the University College of Ashur, the esteemed Assistant Professor Dr. Kazem Aboud Al-Majidi, and in the presence of the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ghassan Qassem Al-Lami, and within the scientific and cultural activities of the Ashur College, on Tuesday, 4/19/2022, a play was shown by the writer William Shakespeare by (M. M. Amal Mahmoud Ali), Professor of English in the Department of Business Administration at Ashur College. During the presentation, an overview of the poet’s life and the characters of the play was given, then she touched upon the creation of the play in a scientific way that won the admiration of the attendees, including teachers and students. At the end of the presentation of the play, Mr. Associate thanked the efforts Made by the lecturer in presenting this cultural and scientific article.