Ashur University College adopts announced and implemented academic freedom since its launch in 2017. Academic freedom refers to the duty and obligation of all faculty to pursue their academic pursuits with forthrightness, recognizing that while all members working at the University College as well as provides the environment that permits faculty members to engage in their scholarly pursuits of teaching, research, and related activities at institutions of higher education.

This policy applies to faculty members who have official teaching, research, or support responsibilities at the University College. Academic freedom thus embodies the conditions necessary for the University College to fulfill its mission of creating new knowledge and of effectively communicating accumulated knowledge and understanding to students and to the community at large.

Ashur University College believes that the faculty members are citizens, members of learned professions, and representatives of this College. When the faculty member speaks or writes as a citizen, the faculty member shall be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but the special position in the community held by the faculty member imposes special obligations.