College Board
According to the Private Higher Education Law No. (25) of 2016, and according to Article (19), a council called (the College Council) is formed, which is the highest scientific and administrative body in it.
The College Council consists of:
College Dean / President
Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs / Vice President
Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs / Member
Heads of scientific departments or heads of branches in colleges / members
The Secretary of the College Council is appointed by the College Council / member
A representative of the faculty whose rank is not less than a teacher / member
A representative of the students in matters pertaining to students to be chosen by election / member
The dean of the faculty selects from among the faculty members a rapporteur for the council, and this council exercises the following tasks:
1- Proposing the conditions of acceptance according to the higher departments and following up on their implementation after approval.
2- Proposing the number of students who will be accepted at the beginning of each academic year
3- Proposing plans for opening the scientific departments and scientific branches and proposing the creation, merging or elimination of scientific departments and branches
4- Approving the plans of the scientific departments in the matter of inviting the visiting professors
5- Proposing plans for scientific research, authorship, translation and publication.
6- Proposing a plan to provide educational supplies
In addition to that, there are many tasks that the college council carries out related to consolidating the scientific situation in the college and social and educational aspects that are in the interest of students.
Since the beginning of its work in the academic year 2017-2018 and headed by the Dean of the College, the Assyrian College Council has been holding emergency and programmed meetings that aim to develop the college and its distinguished scientific departments by providing the best academic requirements and preparing qualified teaching staff that possesses competence and excellent university reputation. His path is to solve dozens of students ’social and economic problems, especially those related to lowering school fees, taking into consideration the economic conditions the country is going through.
The Assyrian University College, within a short period, became one of the sober scientific colleges referred to in Lebanon. Also, the college council aspires that the college to establish advanced scientific centers, not only at the local level, but also at the level
The foreign and Arab level, where the college obtained the international ISO certificate, standard Iso 9001/2015, and also worked to open new scientific departments commensurate with the need of the Iraqi society and the needs of the labor market.
The college council will remain the safety pillar that serves the interest of the college and dear students.