Strategic vision:

Building an educational model with leadership and distinction.
 The faculty mission
To work according to high-quality academic and professional standards.
To provide an educational environment that stimulates creativity.
Partnership with the labor market according to its requirements to achieve the optimal investment of resources.
 : Objectives
Monitoring and meeting the needs and requirements of the labor market in terms of specializations and skills, as well as qualifying graduate students to invest job opportunities
 Exchanging experiences with scientific institutions inside and outside Iraq and striving to develop cooperation and coordination with education and training institutions to meet the requirements of sustainable human development.
Provide the requirements for research activities and take care of holding seminars and scientific conferences.
and developing the infrastructure for workshops, laboratories and classrooms to improve the quality of education in accordance with international standards.
Providing scientific advice to overcome labor market obstacles and deal with environmental developments in a sound manner.

 : Core Values
 Continuous evaluation and development of scientific and educational activities.
Commitment to quality and institutional excellence.
Development and innovation is an inevitable and continuous state.
Teamwork and difference in the continuous improvement of the educational process.
 Integrity, integrity and transparency in academic and educational performance.
The university professor  is of supreme value and a national treasure.