Ashour university seeks to achieve local leadership and global excellence.

Our aim is to prepare efficient staffs and to develop their research capabilities in different scientific fields in order to enhance knowledge outputs which will serve our society in one way or another. It aims too at starting partnership with highly qualified and esteemed universities abroad within a sustainable development perspective.
  • Graduating qualified human resources in different fields of specialization so as to meet the labor market requirements.
  • Set forth recent and up to date educational programs which boost students’ creative writing and thinking.
  • Providing scientific research requirements to arrive at solid scientific research studies which will play a great role in serving our community.
  • Achieving distinguished scientific outputs which will encourage inventions and innovations in such fields.
  • Giving priority to applied research studies and their marketing.
  • Applying quality standards and achieving academic accreditation.
  • Achieving advanced positions in international rankings to improve the university’s reputation.
  • Communicating  and cooperating with local, regional and international universities.
  • Diversifying funding sources to achieve scientific and sustainable development.