Our Vision:
A distinguished university scientifically and cognitively.

Our Mission:
Modernity and scientific and technical development towards the number of graduates qualified for the labor market, contributing to sustainable development, and building an environment stimulating for education and intellectual creativity.

   Our Aims:
- Obtaining local and international academic accreditation.
- Developing academic learning programs and reviewing them periodically.
- Preparing highly skilled graduates qualified for the labor market.
- Building internal and external strategic partnerships.
- Developing scientific research and innovation in areas of national and international importance.
- Active contribution to serving society and improving the quality of life.
- Achieving the principles of sustainable development in teaching and learning.
- Competition in the field of national and international classifications.
- Developing scientific and administrative staff in accordance with international standards.

   Our Values:
-Integrity and transparency
-work as one team
-effective communication
-Belonging and loyalty
- Commitment to societal traditions and customs