Under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Assyria University, Assistant Professor Dr. Kazem Abboud Al-Majidi
  The respected and in the presence of the Associate Scientific Dean, Prof. Dr. Ghassan Qassem Al-Lami and a number of department heads and professors, the Department of Business Administration in the college organized on Tuesday 13/12/2022 a scientific symposium under the title (The Impact of Occupational Bullying in the Work Environment) prepared and presented by M. M. Hudhaifa Qusai Hamid Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration. The symposium dealt with the definition of bullying, its causes and effects on the work environment, and ways to address it. The fact that bullying is a new condition for societies and has negative effects that may result in suicide, so it is necessary to stand up to this situation and treat it as soon as possible through education, and then deter those in charge of it.