Ashur Academic Staff
  PROF DR. Ghassan kasim Dawood Salman
Introduction word
With pride and honor, I am honored by the responsibility and tasks of the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the University College of Ashur, expressing my sincere pride in the wonderful leadership represented by the esteemed Mr. and career.. I extend my warmest greetings to our dear students and children, wishing everyone success and scientific excellence to serve our dear country. And when we review the scientific and educational process of Ashur University College since its establishment in 2017, we all hope to offer what we can of serious and diligent work and in the spirit of a single work team in order to contribute to the educational and scientific construction of this college, which is one of the tributaries of university education in Iraq to contribute to the desired development and development of the homeland of civilizations And the glories that deserve efforts on the road to promoting educational, scientific, social and economic development. Let us work together in a sincere brotherly spirit in order to build the edifice of this esteemed college, wishing everyone progress and development and success from God. Prof. Dr. Ghassan Qassem Daoud Al-Lami